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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". ♪ this is al jazeera. hello. i am march yang namazia. coming up in the next 60 minutes: death sentence for the ousted egyptian president and over 100 others over a mass prison became. >> a raid inside syria, killing a generalsenior isil leader. as protesters against burundi's president, several people face court over the failed coup. >> i am erica wood on the
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western cape coast where over fishing and oil spills have put the only species of penguins at risk of extinction. >> in sport, one of of english's coaches says an emotional farewell. >> the best. >> liverpool's steven giraurd makes his final appearance on the field. hello. we begin in egypt where a court has sentenced depose president mohamed morsi to death along with more than 100 members of the banned mutts lim brotherhood group. he was found guilty of taking part in a mass jail break during the 2011 uprising which forced his predecessor from power. the leader badia and alkaradawa
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in qatar. it will be up to reegypt's grand mufti. mufti. the case could be returned to the courts. osama binja reports. >> reporter: egypt's first elected president, mohamed morsi has been found guilty of breaking out of jail and sentenced to death. >> mohamed morsi. >> the muslim brotherhood banned by egypt calls the decision dmrik political. enter the national community should stop it. morsi was imprisoned with other muslim brotherhood leaders a few days after egyptians began a movement that overthrew hosni mubarak in between. in 2012, he became the first elected president of the country. he was overthrow by al sisi. he and in court wearing the blue uniform given to convicts.
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the court sentenced 122 people. many were given the death penalty, including the former leader of the muslim brotherhood and the popular scholar yusef yusef baldali. mass convictions and sentencing have been common since the military takeover. he job description human rights group says since 2013 as many as 41,000 people have been jailed. amnesty international says short sentencing violates people's rights. humans rights watch says many have been convicted without establishing individual guilt inform april and may, in two verdicts, more than 1200 people were sentenced. most were given the death penalty. >> the mass death sentences being customary in the egyptian courts during the last two years, but in this specific case there are many legal grounds to refute, for example, the judiciary, itself, the court, itself, is
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unconstitutional. also many other things like this testimony given by the former chief of staff during the trial of former president mubarak in which he negiated all of the allegations about hamas crossing over the borders and breaking free of the prisoners. >> he is referring to elite audio recording by the egyptian of staff. a it was denied there was any crossing of any borders by hezbollah or hamas. the government and morsi has been accused of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism well hamas, hezbollah and iran's revolutionary guard. it has been referred to the grand mufti due to rule on it by june the 2nd. the court verdict on saturday was handed down a week after hosni mubarak was sentenced but freed as he had served time. the man depose by a popular up pricing has been freed from jail and an elected president
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sentenced to death. osama binjavi. >> the author of "inside jihad" confronting radical islam. thank you for speaking to us. do you en visage that this death sentence against mohamed morsi could actually be carried out? >> it can, but there is a possibility it may not be. like the cases that happened before, when there was a case of capital punishment for hundreds of people this was maybe two years ago, and the judicial system later on didn't allow this to be done. so, the mufti now has the decision. the decision is not obvious gliing obgilatory. both possibilities are there? >> let me just -- what do you think will happen now. you say you say the grand
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mufti's participation col have it where the death sentence is avoided. when might we get more clarity on that? >>. it may take time for him to study all of the cases. it's not one single decision against one person. you are talking about a big number of people more than 100. it may take the mufti some period of time and i think the situation now may send a message to the radicals that the terrorist act he conducted in the country did not change or sway the legal stem from its decision. so this may ultimately force them or not force them. make them become inclined to try to find the political solution during this period of time. >> how have the court cases, verdicts sentences brought against members of the muslim brotherhood and other groups we
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should add, how has all of this impacted perceptions of the egyptian judiciary inside egypt? >> i see this case as different from the previous one. the previous one was a single-man decision. and the judicial system didn't allow it to happen. so we need to distinguish between a personal decision of one judge and the judicial system that didn't allow actually to carry out almost all of the capital punishment that were ordered in the past. however, with this case, it's different in that to think deeply how -- how one person cannot organize penetration of a major -- of a major prison in the country and destroying it, allowing principleses to escape. this is not one single man action. this needs more more than tens of people if not to be involved at the big sky, to be able to
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organize such make thing of invading a major prison in the country. the number of cases is big. it's compatible and logical when you see the magnitude over the act, itself. it can have some impact on some organizations. but the system up to now didn't allow the carryout of many capital punishments, and this tells you that the system is not a simple system that goes with one single man's decision. it's a system that can prevent capital punishments from happening if it's felt at any moment it may not be justice. >> all right. >> we will see how things will go in the future which is coming soon. >> elsewhere, another development, three judges have been killed by gunmen in the sinai "penguins of madagascar." three other judges --
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you previous attacks have happened since the overthrow of mohamed morsi in 2013. to yemen now and dozens of people have been killed in the southern yemeni city with tigers ignoring the humanitarian cease-fire. the truce is due to end on sunday when regional political leaders will try to end the crisis. but the houthis won't be there as hashma albara reports. pro-government fighters captured in the city. houthis are sending in reinforcements to surround the city. a crucial link along the supply route to the south. >> all of taiz is in riz est
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estance. everything -- resistentions. >> the houthis have expanded their territory over the last few weeks convincing people to support them isn't easy. >> these protesters are demanding that the reynolds leave their city. and this is where fighting could escalate. that's because it is one of the main source of oil soldiers and tries tribesmen are defending the city. >> we control this area. we are tightening the that's in around the rebels. they are shelling us with heavy weapons despite the cease-fire. >> the 5-day humanitarian truce expires on subbed. that's also when some of yemen's main faxes plan a 3-day conference in ryad to solve the
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crisis. tribesmen, military commanders and political leaders gulf countries are worried that the violence in yemen could spread to their countries. this is the envoy for the gulf cooperation counsel his job is to convince yemenis to agree on a political roadmap. >> the gcc will support all of the decisions of the politic leaders who agree on during the ryad conference. it will be the basis for any future settlement or talks from different faningsz. >> the houthis have refused to send anyone to the meeting in ryad. they say they will only join talks in a country that isn't part of the coalition led by saudi arabia that's attacked yemen for more than six weeks. >> the ryad conference is expected to give president hadi
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a significant boost. his supporters plan to reach a power sharing agreement they insist is the only way to save yemen from civil war. hashai al bara. >> let's look at the humanitarian in more detail now. the united nation's estimates more than 1500 people have been killed since the saudi-led coalition started airstrikes nearly 2 months ago. good 450,000 yemenis have been forced to leave their homes. the u.n. says the truths has helped -- truce
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there was a third individual this was done after consultation in washington. now, there is going to be a second layer of that. that is going to be looking at all of the data that was collected from this operation, the operation we know blackhawk helicopters, osprey helicopters, but a lot was gathered like hard
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disks and computers which will be analyzed. >> that information is going to be crucial and perhaps in forming u.s. strategy going forward, kimberly. what is the pentagon saying about he himself and the role he played inside isil? >> there wasn't a lot known, at least to the media and the larger public about him up until this point. that's leading people to have questions about just exactly how significant he was in the structure. you have to remember this is a fairly big raid and operation but there are thousands of isil fighters. some would argue, too, this is a drop in the bucket. the one thing you have to consider is he was significant in that he was we are told the chief financial officer, if you will. he oversaw the oil and gas revenues which were very critical in terms of funding and financing other wings of the separation. so significant on that front. but, also, significant, too, is the fact that this took place in conjunction with the knowledge of the iraqi authorities but not
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syrian authorities. this is something that may need to be followed up in the coming days. questions being asked as the u.s. officials make themselves available. the united states did not notify certain i can't and has been vocal about that did not ask for permission to enter this area and has been forthright in saying they do not see the syrian authorities as in any way being a partner. >> combatting as ill. these are some of the things that will need to be investigated in the days to come. >> thanks very much. joining me from boston is terrorism analyst max abrams. thanks for speaking to us. as we were hearing, the administration in washington really keen to portray the killing as a success but how much of an advantage does it give the in the fight against isil? >> i mean there is no question that it was an operational
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success. the united states has been very operationally successful in terms of taking out, you know, the most important islamic state leaders. by some estimates the top 43 islamic state leaders, 19 of them have successfully been taken out. the main leader bagdadi seems to have been sidelined from a drone strike on march 18th and his supposed replacement, his deputy has been killed and so operationally, we have been very very successful however, we are just not seeing results on the ground. islamic state continues to expand and certainly in syria and now even in iraq, it's on the verge of taking over ramadi the capital of anbar. country islamic state controls about 90% of anbar. there are affiliates popping up
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all over the world from yemen to the sinaii, to libya. now, more and more we are seeing isis sympathizers in western countries and so there is this disconnect because on the one hand, we are operationally successful in terms of taking out these leaders but on the other hand strategically, as the islamic state is by no means kong tained. >> so from what you are saying, you can -- the u.s. could continue to target certain individuals like him but it's you know' likely to have a significant impact on the group. i am wondering. is that because they have strong structural roots, the infrastructure in place? they can continue to run operationally on the ground across borders in several countries no matter who they have in place at the top of the o whoever has a seat at the top table of the organization?
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>>. >> yeah. i mean your intuition is correct. i mean imagine there is a very small terrorist group of say, you know, five, 10 people. if you take out the leadership, that's very devastating. that's very crippling to the group. think about how many members are in us lammic state, you know. tens of thousands of them with a rather sophisticated bureaucracy, and we know empirically from studiesing in political science that the larger the terrorist group the more resilient it is to what we call decap trace strengths which is, you know chopping off the head of the group by killing the leadership. decapitation strikes against groups like islamic state, equally, the talibantable, they don't seem to be nearly that effect sglif a quick one, dr. abrams. what needs to change in the united states strategy to deal with that? >> sure.
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well, it's a misunderstanding to think that you can win counter insurgency from the air, alone. it's very important. the air power is very important, but you need ground forces to do a lot of the work and together when we are operating on both cylinders like we were in kobani and tikrit. that's when we are successful. if it's just air power, that's not going to get the job done. >> max abrams appreciate your analysis. isil is reported to be closing in on the ancient syrian city of palmyra. heavy government shelling is targeting fighters on the out skirt of the world heritage site. activists reporting both sides have sent reinforcements to the area. the loss of this city would open the road to the capitol, damascus and to homms. staying in syrian at least five people were killed after a government airstrike in duma close to damascus.
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children were among the victims. more than 25 people were injured. let lebanon's hezbollah group says it has made progress against oppositions. they say 13 fighters have been killed since the battle began. hezbollah and syria government forces have been united against the country's armed opinionposition fighters. >> the opposition group suffered a stunning defeat. they have been
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expelled. >> fight materials a stronghold just 100 kilometers from baghdad. from the capital zeina hodr reports reports. >> all right. the iraqi military says it's fighting back. it has released this video of what it says are aerial attacks. the government has promised a tough response. it it is promising to recapture lost territory in anbar's provincial capitol. on the ground there isn't much evidence that security forces are on the offensive. many say it will not be an easy fight unless there is a clear strategy. >> they are serious, to do what they have to do since long time you know. we know everyone. we know that since one month, isil started to attack ramadi every day. the reaction of the government was very weak. >> on friday isil's message was
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one of defiance. fighters used all kinds of weapons along with suicide car bombers in a complex attack to penetrate the government compound in ramadi. the united states which leads the coalition against isil played down the significance of isil's gains. it says, the armed group is inflating the importance of its successes and says the coalition strategy is working, but there are those who disagree. we need to give the weapons to the tribes. the government should approve the plan to create the so-called national guard. >> would mean local people joining the security forces. they can fight with the iraqi army. >> earlier this month, the government said hundreds of sunni fighters would fight alongside the security forces but anbar's influential tribes were not among the men. they want to fight the battle alone and they want the army to give them weapons. >> anbar was the greatest cha
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challenge to united states forces in iraq. they lost a lot of men in years of fighting. they were able to succeed after they received the support of the local population a military solution failed and sunni leaders believe it will fell yet again if the iraqi government doesn't bring the people to its side. >> reporter: until then, the human suffering is only getting worse with many people trying to escape. for years now there has been no peace between the mainly sunni prove incident of anbar and the shia led group in baghdad many say it should be part of any military strategy if isil is to be defeated baghdad. >> military sources in iraq say forty people were killed after suicide attacks in fallujah in northeast anbar province. in another attack in anbar, 11 policemen were killed in an area part of the ongoing isil battle
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to gain more control in the western province in iraq. still ahead for you on the program, separate accidents movement or political infighting. al jazeera visits the macedonian town that saw violence between security forces and an armed group. plus: >> i am at the cannes film festival where amidhold heights, palestinian groups are performing well. >> find out while tennis's world number 1 was causing a lot of trouble at the it aliaian open. town? >> our internet's half the speed of dial-up. >> could big cable be controlling your access to the web? >> it's not even gonna play. >> your right to access knowledge is being limited. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical
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wind storm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> "techknow", where technology meets humanity. monday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> welcome back. you are watching al jazeera "newshour" an egyptian court has sentenced former president mohammed morsi to death." the verdict treatment a mass jail break in 2011 during the revolution that topeled. hosni mubarak. turkey's military reportedly shot down an aircraft. syria state t.v. says a surveillance drone was brought down instead.
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the u.s. says special forces have killed a senior isil leader in a ground attack he is known as abu syaef. in other stories we are following, a suicide bomber has killed four people at a bus station in northeast nigeria. a blast in the town of dimaturo is said to have wounded another 31 people. most of the victims were women and children. the burungi government says it has charged 17 officials including five general did for their alleged rolls in a failed coup. lawyers for the suspects say their clients were tortured during their detention. this update for us from the capital. >> some of those arrested include senior army officials. they have been arrested because they have been accused of trying to remove the president from power. some of them are on the police truck. they appeared before a judge. they are being taken away where they have been held for people
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don't know how long they have been held for. families are saying they are hoping when they go to trial they will get a free and fair trial. some say they haven't seen some of these people in a long time since the arrest. they say they don't know whether they have been tortured. they want to try to find out what is going on. more impossibling, if they will get a free and fair trial. the country is tense. people are waiting for what's going to happen next. parties are planning more protests on monday. they are watching whether the president will indeed run for a third term on june 25th. he says as far as he is concerned, he has every right to do so and he has no intention of backing down. >> mali's rebels have babbled out of signing a peace accord with the government and other armed groups. the separatists had signed an initial deal but now want more guarantees for greater autonomy in the north. gerald tan has the details. >> it was slated as a decisive
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step towards stability in mali. the president and several african dignititaries were there to witness the accord. but the rebels the very groups that hold the key to peace boycotted. those who attended down played the tuaric absence saying that the process was moving forward. >> it's a historian day for mali, for the country. we salute the solidarity. we stood by mali and the population in the north. >> they are fighting for greater autonomy in the north and the stronghold supporters denoused the agreement which the rebel coalition provisionally approved in algeria. >> we are against the algeria deal. we are ready to fight until the day of our victor. >> we don't. it's not in our interest.
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if the laws are not being met, we don't want it. >> continued fighting in northern mali is casting doubt on the peace process. on the friday tuarek forces exchanged fire with pro-government groups in the town of niniku. the separatists have shown what they are capable much. they seized control room. the northern two-thirds of mali during a military coup in 2012. their boycott of the latest pizza deal is proof they haven't abandoned their struggle for self determination. gerald tan, al jazeera. thailand and, malaysia and indian he's i can't have been turning away boats full of my grants despite u.n. pressure to rescue thousands of people adrift at sea. most are roghinya. they have been referred to as bengalese. rights groups say this wrongly
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says they are i am grant. they don't recognize the royhinga as asigh lim seekers. they are worried large numbers of migrants will add a burden to limited social services. while they are members of the association of southeast asian nations, that body has no integrated bucket or policy to deal with the migrant crisis. a report now from indonesia where help is pouring in for nearly 1500 my grantsz who have been trapped at sea. >> three months at sea with hardly any food and nowhere to go. the asylum seekers are finally getting help. volunteers with aceh and social workers have come with medical supplies and food. nearly 1500 from myanmar have reached the safety of the indonesian coast. on friday more than 800 of them were rescued by fishermen in the
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prove incident of aceh. fighting broke out due to a lack of food. many people spent hours in the water after their boat broke down. they have lost all hope until they saw the fishermen. >> they helped us a lot. we have so thankfully. if they didn't pick us up from the sea, all of us would have died. >> help is now pouring in. villagers are bringing clothes and donating money. a show of solidarity here while government in southeast aysia people here are opening their hearts after decades of conflict and a devastating tsunami. they know how generosity can be. >> one man was quickly surrounded when he started handing out cash.
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>> we were helped by people around the world. they gave us food and new houses today. we have come to help them. >> most want to go back home as soon as possible. the rohinga have no where to go. they are being registered as refugees and will probably have to wait years in indonesia before they know where they will be accepted. thousands are still at sea. >> we are very worried about the thousands of people we know are out on boats now the reports we are getting from this group, very harrowing tails of people dying, of hunger, of abuse by smugglers, sirius illnesses on this boat. it's a humanitarian crisis that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. >> not everyone who came to the shop came to help. some took pictures and wanted to hear their stories.
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the for the my grants it was a nice distraction after so much misery. al jazeera indonesia. >> well during the past two days, 900 europe-bound migrants have been brought ashore in italy three suspected people smugglers were arrested after their boat carrying 290 migrants was intercepted by the german navy off of the libyan coast. macedonian opposition is demanding the prime minister step down. on top of allegations he abused his power, there is tension over a recent battle between security forces and an armed group. a report now from the toufrn where the fighting happened. >> this is what remains of the barber shop and the man's house
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behind. he is in police custody. a hospital therapist is counseling his family. >> ner calling my husband a terrorist. who is going to walk my son to kindergarten now? families like his coward as security forces battled what the government alleges were al banian separatists in this ethnic albanian neighborhood. officially eight police and 10 gunmen died today, there is only shock at the damage and resentment. at least four local men have been detained. >> everyone we have spoken to tells a similar story they heard the shooting. they sought shelter wherever they could in their basements and when they came outside, this is the season that greeted them. psychologically, this neighborhood has been absolutely traumatized by what happened. the violence comes at a critical
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movement for macedonia. the opposition is leaking hacked phone recordings revealing abuses of power at the heart of government, prompting resignations. they en claim that the violence was staged somehow by a prime minister clinging to power. >> dear citizens turks, romans and all other ethnic communities, don't succumb to black scenarios that are by the government. >> reporter: that is flatly denied by the primaryim. he says he has the trust of the people of macedonia. >> they decide who will be in power and who will be in opposition he told journalists on thursday. there is still bewilderment at the first violence since a peace deal ended conflict between
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albanians and macedonians in 2001. this time, communities insist they are united and that the only divisions are between the politicians. al jazeera, komanivo >> two people have died. at least 20 are injured after a passenger train collided with a truck in northwest only germany. the truck had become stuck tot on the tracks west of hanover. the train wasn't able to stop in time. the driver of the truck wasn't hurt. the u.s. federal railroad administration has ordered train company amtrak to take immediate actions to improve safety. the train krashtd in philadelphia on tuesday night, killing eight people and injuring dozens. investigators say the train may have been hit by a bullet rock or other objects just before it de-railed. the train was traveling at more than twice the speed limit as it entered a curved section of the track. rescuers in columbia have recovered six bodies after an accident at an unlicensed gold
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mine. 15 workers were trapped after water flooded the underground shaft on thursday. a report now on why people keep risking their lives to work at these mines. since they are their unlicensed gold mine flooded they have been working day and night with the rescue teams to find their colleagues they work and it hurts so much. god knows next time it can be me. >> for these men, small-scale mining in columbia is a way of living. most of the miners first entered these shafts as children and through the years have learned to try their luck in a work environment with virtually no safety procedures. >> informal mining is not necessarily illegal in columbia but either operating on the fringes of the law or far outside of it, workers are
5:42 pm
allegation taking major risks, but they say incidents like this one are just part of the way things are. more than 80% of the gold produced in the country comes from small informal operations. some of them in existence for decades. anna ramirez has worked in almost all of the mines in the region. her husband and children are also miners. none of them has ever had a formal contract. >> it's a hard and dang ruts job, but what else can we do? there is no other work here. we just manage to get enough to apart put food on the table moech workers gets 50% of the gold they find. the rest goes to the owner. the columbian government has started a campaign to try to formalize mines and improve safety. many are skeptical the government is acting in good faith. >> every so often, the police come. they take machines and treat us
5:43 pm
like criminals. all we are doing is working to support our family. if they want us to change they need to put us in the conditions to do so. >> the rush for gold in colombia stretches back centuries and continues today and as it was back then, it's still a job with few winners and many risking their lives to just scrape by colombia. >> it's been revealed the clintons are earned more than $30 million since 2014. as u.s. presidential candidate for 2016, hillary clinton was required to dis close her personal financial information to the federal election commission. the earnings include more than $5 million from hillary's book "hard choices" and at least 25 million in speaking engagements a black comedy about life on the gaza strip is being shown at the cannes film festival. it is based upon theents in gaza
5:44 pm
in 2007. palestinian films have a strong reputation internationally but they have established no film industry of their own and often rely on fortunately funding. >> reporter: set in a hair salon in gaza, it's the story of 12 women and how they unravel over the course of a day, trapped inside because a lion. it's a black comedy said the identical twins who directed the film. they decided to become film makers despite never going to cinema. >> we have the idea of the salon, you know, because of the idea of the salon, to go there is to become beautiful, to talk
5:45 pm
about many things this place, gaza. >> dark hugh more is a recurrent theme in palestinian films. the film the time remains, is a particularly good example. it's director says where there is despair, humor is often the last res order. winner of many international awards, he is excited by the talent and drive he sees in the next generation. >> i get my little tease when i see a good palestinian film because it's just basically another chance to get liberated. >> that's poetic. >> is something that really, you know, gives us a rest. >> canne is known for launching
5:46 pm
careers. while the flashy hollywood movies command lots of attention, the festival is fascinated by the artistic talent from the middle east. >> the area lebanon, palestine and israel, it's extraordinary. you have such a number of var good film maker men and women. >> palestinian films often stand out from the crowd here at cannes. a few years ago, two films were in the line-up. despite the challenges facing palestinian film makers and the fact they have to rely on foreign funding often, it is alive and well. al jazeera, at the canes film festival. >> oil spills are threatening to kill off africa's only native pieces of penguins. the birds' numbers have declined by 90 pours. ericawood went to the western cape to see what's being done to save them.
5:47 pm
this is a penguin hospital a place where distressed, injured, or orphaned birds come to rehabilitate rehabilitate. in 2014, we admitted 972 penguin chicks. >> some are being nursed back to health. others are permanent residents like skipper. he will never return to the wild. he is too tame. >> the education team are training him to be an ambassador bird. we are thinking he will be amazing. >> up to 10,000 children come through here every year to learn about penguins. other lessons are carried out over the internet. >> is skillern a boy or a girl? >> we don't yet. we are waiting for the lab results to come back. then we will learn if he is a boy or a girl. >> educating young generations is important because numbers of african of african penguins are low. there are few left in the wild.
5:48 pm
overfishing is one of the biggest factors behind the decline. it does mean that the adults have to travel further afield and expend more injury in trying to find enough fish for themselves and their chicks. >> when the treasurers off in 2000, 19,000 of the birds were affected. most were saved but oil spills remain a constant threat. dire ire land off of the west cape coast is well known as an african penguin colony. tourists these days are more likely to see thousands of seals. this island used to be home to hundreds of thousands of the penguins. the combination of over fishing and oil spills means there is only about 600 breeding pairs left. >> in february a new dedicated penguin rehabilitation facility opened up in the closest mainland point to dire ireland. >> every bird counts. aside from rehabilitating birds, penguin research will also be
5:49 pm
carried out here. the staff say we need to pay more attention do what declining numbers of bird line are telling us? >> penguins are an indicator pieces. they are the canaries of the sea. we should have taken note there is something wrong. >> like so many of the world's endangered pieces. saving the penguins is a race against time and environmental issues, but most of all, the destruction caused by humans. erica wood, al jazeera, the western cape south africa. >> still to come for you on the news hour in sport, find out if a dislocated shoulder can showdown the d italia leader as this year's race hits the mountains.
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we know back. andy is here with sport. >> thank you. steven giruard's final appearance didn't quite gocog to plan. one of english football's planner couldn't sign off with a win. after seventeen years and, this has to be put in to some sort of context. he is heading to the la galaxy at the end of this season. >> i would like to thank everyone at the club who has helped me from top to bottom. too many people to name. i would like to thank my teammates today and the squad, even the players that never got on all of the players that played over years. they have made me the player i am today. but i have to say me last time today at the most important people at any football club will
5:52 pm
be supported to stand out more than any of them of the experience. >> south hampton's had a record set by a lifrl pool legend more 20 years ago, scoring a halt strick as his team beat aston villa 6-1. the premier league record came in 1994. he scored three in a pedestrian 4 and a half minutes. yes have time to take about the hat
5:53 pm
track: in egypt, a hardcore supporter group known as ultra did, who played a role the groups have been involved in numerous clashes with police in and around stadium. they are one of the most organized in egypt after the muslim government which the government has already outlawed: djokovic not happy despite his semifinal win against ferrerr, extending his winning run to 21 matches with this victory, running around okay here but the world number 1 saying the court was full of holes and dangerous to play on. djokovic will be aching for -- aiming for a fourth victory. maria sharapova will play in the
5:54 pm
women's final. her progress means she will have the number 2 seating at the upcoming french open. navarro has a shot at winning her second career title beating second hal prin in three sets and almost two and a half hours of play. to set up sunday's final. signaging hit the mountains for the first time this year with contador leading the race despite suffering a dislocated shoulder during a crash earlier in the week. he is known for his resilience winning last year's spanish, from a broken leg. he has a 4 second overall lead 180 by another spaniard the nhl season is nearing it's conclusions in the eastern conference final winning the first 7 game series to 21.
5:55 pm
dominic more came up with a decisive goal. the international athletic season has begun with the diamond league meet in doha. it has scene two drug controversies. the sport finds itself in a fight to restore public credibility. a report. the diamond league is back and even with the enthusiastic crowd we season opener in doha and the impressive line-up that included olympic gold winners, the sport of athletics is still trying to deal with two of the biggest fighting standards to hit it in recent years. last december, a german television he can't dory accused the government of funding a systematic doping program with their athletes similar to that of east german in the 19 sivenths. this year's marathon was banned.
5:56 pm
some fear the systematicnate of the russian and kenyan cases could result in track and field going the way of cycling during the lance armstrong era. speaking to al jazeera earlier this week the current double olympic champion is still positive about his sport. >> the supports have improved quite a lot in terms was what it was before and it's great to see what we are doing as a british athlete for us we do a one-hour slot where no matter where you are in the world you have to give in but as long as we can apply the same rule, you know we do it yeah. it's changing a lot. >> the issue will be one of the main challenges facing the new presidents of the athletic governing body the iaaf. sergei is one of the two candidates trying to replace diak when he steps down in august. >> we must continue to educate to educate athletes and parents
5:57 pm
in work very very hard and very tough. everyone should understand it will be will be no excuse to anyone. it will be strong and serious policy to clean sport, athletics and not accept any cheaters. >> the vote will take place in beijing in august. one man with high hopes of winning gold is justin gatlin. it was a standout performance, winning time in 100 meters of 9.74 seconds, the 6th quickest of all time. gatlin banned twice for doping. doha. >> more sport in the next news hour but that is it for now. >> great. looking forward to it. thanks very much, sxwae andy. much more at you will find the latest comment, analysis and video on demand. i will be back with a full bulletin of news for you in just
5:58 pm
a few moments' time. stay with us.
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>> this week on "talk to al jazeera" - john lydon lead singer of "the sex pistols" - the band that ignited a punk rock revolution. >> pain, suffering, the disenfranchised, unnecessary poverty, class warfare, all of these issues bother me greatly. >> he was a man who generated headlines and controversy. famous, of course, for his hit "god save the queen". >> [singing] god save the queen, the fascist regime. >> taking aim at the british monarchy. >> they're an accident of birth, they were born in a birdcage and i feel very sorry for


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